Wednesday, 30 September 2015

NC: Art Style Influence map

Following on from our previous influence map, we'll be drawing on influences such as Limbo, Trine and Skull Girls. Our animation is aiming to have a kind of 2 1/ 2D perspective. Mixing both 3D models with 2D elements to create a kind of puppet show in which to convey our story.

NC: Music Choices

We would need to find some royalty free versions of these types of music or try and create our own, depending on the amount of time we want to commit to the design.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

NC: Research into design methods - Parallax Scrolling/Backgrounds

NC: Narractive - Colour layering.

After talking extensively with the group I decided to create a few experiment colour blends, using a brush tool that is dependant on press-sensitivity with Photoshop. Within our discussion we were talking about layered backgrounds, as in a pop up book. I thought about this while experimenting with some colours. I want to look further into colour and into layered backgrounds in the style of this and the typical pop-up book style.

NC: Influence Map: Animation style

After our tutorial with Alan, we started to discuss how our animation could look. As our initial idea was too original/generic, we started to think about more ways as to make our animation unique, especially with regards to the style. We then started to talk about games like Battleblock theater and Limbo, and how we found their styles quite interesting. We then expanded from this and started to look at puppets/puppet animations, which lead us to Punch 'n' Judy and Shadow Puppets. 

We will continue to discuss ideas and will look to have a final idea for both the story and style finalised soon. 

NC: Narrative Post-Tutorial Ideas and Discussion

Friday, 25 September 2015

NC: Research on the 3 cards.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

NC: Influence Map: The Circus

This is one of our first influence maps for this project. We want the design our environment, the Circus, to be like the ones we know today. They'll be bright and colourful, just like the ones in the images in this influence map. We can use these images as inspiration when we begin to design it and create thumbnails.

Crescent Moon Studios: Banner Designs

We have created three different banner designs, which you can see below.

The first design includes our first logo design, and has a nice and simple look. The second design, which we currently have set to the blog, is the Crescent Moon Studios name and the group member's names underneath, among the clouds in the night sky, while the crescent moon shines in the background. And the third design is a simpler version of the second, which has no clouds.

Design #1

 Design #2

Design #3

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

First Logo design posts.

This is our beginning logo design. We would probably be editing this as we discover designs that we decide seem work better.