Wednesday, 21 October 2015

NC: Narrative Character Summaries.

After the tutorial with Alan, I was tasked with giving a summary to our characters to better understand them. I have drafted a statement for each.

Oliver Caro.

Oliver is our protagonist for this animation. He starts of showing himself as a child speaking with his father. He is thin, brown-haired and blue eyed. He has skills with the knife even at his age which in the first instance would be around 10 years old. His only goals are to impress his father and make sure he doesn't screw up. But he always seems to make a mistake somewhere along the line. Always around food too. 

Frederick Caro.

Frederick is father to Oliver, is a typical run of the mill father who wants only the best, love and respect of his son. He has the same brown hair  but green eyes. After the death of his wife, Frederick had to raise Oliver by himself through the circus life. His wife's death devestated him and he has not been the ver happy type since. With Oliver's growth he gets more and more concerned that his son is not as passionate about his job like he is or rather was. 

These are just a little outline of the characters and in draft form as something to work with when beginning our designing stage. 

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