Wednesday, 11 November 2015

NC: Revised script draft.

So after yesterday's feedback we comprised a much simpler script and my group asked me to upload it so they can assess it and we will discuss any changes and improvements and get it written in Adobe story:

Apprentice tries being the knife thrower, which doesn't work out and so continues to be the apprentice.

-          Woman stands against the board.
-          Man attempts to the throw knives.
o   Camera focuses on man’s hand.
o   CUT to man throwing knife. Side Shot.
o   CUT to knife hitting a ball.
o   CUT to knife hitting traipse ladder.
o   CUT to knife hitting the middle podium.
o   CUT to knife embedded in board.
o   CUT to long shot, woman stepped slightly out to avoid the knife.
o   CUT to apprentice's face, showing fear and her swallowing. Knife hits just past her ear and she tilts her head away.
o   CUT to Long Shot of him throwing a knife that completely misses the target
o   CUT to Woman being tied to the board as the board starts spinning slowly.
o   CUT to Man throwing knife.
o   CUT to Woman’s face shocked.
o   Pan up to see knife has cut her hat in half.
o   CUT to full body drops the knife.
o   CUT to knife in the floor inches from his foot, Focus on trouser leg ripped.
o   CUT to long shot man continuously throwing knives at the board in light frustration. Ripping the woman’s dress.
o   CUT to long Shot, man throws knife it cuts the rope holding her and she falls forward.
o   CUT to his face looking sad.
o   CUT to woman’s face looking angry, then softens up.
o   CUT to woman and man full shot, she pats his shoulder.
o   CUT to man on board spinning.
o   CUT to Long Shot woman throwing knives and framing his body with them.

o   CUT to man leaves board leaving knife outline of his body. 

                              **** more content to be discussed ****

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